Science Caturday: Geokittehs


We’ve had biology, physics and genetics lolcats here at the Finch & Pea, but we must admit that our personal feline friends don’t know much about geology. Luckily, there’s a whole blog to help people learn about rocks with the help of kitties. It’s called Geokittehs, and it’s run by geologists and bloggers Evelyn Mervine and Dana Hunter. With the assistance of some very clever cats, they explain geological phenomena such as weathering, subduction, lava flows and stream capture.  Here, guest cat Lola illustrates normal faulting.

Want more geology cats? Follow on twitter @geokittehs.

Photo by Callan Bentley via Geokittehs

Science Caturday: Weak Interaction

They even pass through the dog and then through you.  That’s just unacceptable.



Science Caturday: Yoga or Physics?

Clever kittens can demonstrate both!




Science Caturday: Cats are liquid

My cat seems pretty solid, but it’s hard to argue with this logic. 



Science Caturday: Experiments in Grabbity

Systematic experimentation is the backbone of the scientific method. That’s why your cat keeps pushing things off tables.


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