Why is My Job Awesome?

Because it requires a Laser Safety Officer. I bet the Death Star had one of those.

Photo by Josh Witten

Infography Done Right?

Infographics are the new black. Usually, they simply represent an aesthetically compelling way to present data in order to convince you of the infographers point. Occasionally, this artistic presentation of data represents a thoughtful way to view data in order to address a particular question. Eric Fischer‘s Locals and Tourists images are just such an approach.

<i>Image: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/walkingsf/4671589629/">Locals and Tourists #1 (GTWA #2): London</a>, a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from walkingsf's photostream</i>

Eric starts with a question:

Some people interpreted the Geotaggers’ World Atlas maps to be maps of tourism. This set is an attempt to figure out if that is really true.

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Now I Just Need a Lego Feynman to Crack It

I love Lego creations that are not just sculpture, but are mechanical devices; and I’m not talking about those programmable Lego robot things. They are ok, I guess. I’m talking about mechanical objects based on simple Lego pieces to create gears, wedges, levers, and all those other fun Newtonian work devices. Like this Lego combination safe (created by Merijn van Wouden).

Now, I just need a Lego Feynman to crack the combination and access my nuclear lego secrets.

Bullet Health Hazard?

The difference between a great title and one that gets you ignored? In this case, six words – or one conditional phrase. Here is the title of the PLoS One article by Pain et al.:

Potential Hazard to Human Health from Exposure to Fragments of Lead Bullets and Shot

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