Science Caturday: Meme Sandwich


By now you’ve probably all heard the story of Hamdog, in which a guy posted a funny picture of his dog on Facebook with a slice of ham on its face, claimed that the dog had been seriously burned trying to save his family from a house fire, and asked for prayers in the form of likes and shares. Well, it worked: the picture was shared 110,000 times in a week and got over 54,000 likes before the truth came out. We could condemn the hoax or chuckle at the gullibility of internet folk, but instead, we’re going with option 3 – showing people how much better cats are than dogs at this sort of thing. Years before anyone draped ham over a dog’s snout, possibly as early as 2004, someone threw cheese at a cat’s head and gave birth to two classic memes – “Doing it Wrong” and “Who Throws Cheese, Honestly?”


In 2011, a Reddit user posted a photo of a cat with its head stuck in a piece of bread and spawned a “cat-breading” craze that lasted until 2013.


So I guess you could say that the arrival of Hamdog completes a meme sandwich that’s been in the works for a decade, with cats (naturally) leading the way for the slower  canines. Sure, I’ll take some chips with that.


Author: michelebanks1

Artist and blogger

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