Science Caturday: Small Business Caturday


Today is Small Business Caturday, a day set aside for holiday shoppers to discover and support cat-owned businesses.  One of our favorites is Mycrobe Catnip, an etsy store devoted to creating geeky catnip toys that are equally irresistible to cats and science-obsessed humans. Mycrobe was started by Talia Jewell, a scientist who turned her felting hobby into a side business with the help of her feline companions. She makes catnip toys in the shapes of UFOs, fish, birds, insects and – coolest of all – microbes, including this amazing giardia parasite.  You can seriously indulge your feline companions with a Mycrobe Geeky Catnip Toy of the Month Club membership, which might include anything from bugs to rockets.

Author: michelebanks1

Artist and blogger

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