The Art of Science: Popsicles Go Viral

Wei Li, Dangerous Popsicles, 2014
Wei Li, Dangerous Popsicles, 2014

Lick a virus? Probably not a good idea, unless it’s a Dangerous Popsicle, a sweet treat created by artist and designer Wei Li.  Li decided to play with the “aesthetics of user-unfriendliness” by taking something we would ordinarily never put in our mouths (not on purpose anyway) and inviting us to do just that.

Li created the popsicles by first making 3D prints of HIV, chicken pox and flu viruses and MRSA and E. coli bacteria. Then she created silicone molds of them  and filled them with colored, flavored, sugary water. Li created a short video of the project and posted an Instructable online so all you microbiologists can make these for your next party.

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