All you need is a steady hand…

The lab course I am teaching at Coker College does not have access to the newest and fanciest equipment for microscopy imaging (nor should it*). If your drawing skills are not up to snuff, however, a smartphone camera, a steady hand, and a bit of patience can provide a useful substitute for standard light microscopy.

Stained bacteria photographed with an iPhone 5

The above image was taken through a compound microscope, but it also works well for the small, dissecting-style scope my kids have.

Painting of a Kids' Toy
Painting of a Kids’ Toy

The same principle can hold for telescopes. In this case, the hand was less steady due to temperature and beers.

Jupiter & Ganymede
Jupiter & Ganymede

*Teaching folks how to use that is a) a different course and b) outside my area of expertise.

Author: Josh Witten

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