#PrincessSci: The Princess Bride gets “Scienced”

#PrincessSci was not the first effort to “science up” The Princess Bride. It will probably not be the last. After all, The Princess Bride is one of the most quotable movies of all time; and, in my humble opinion, one of the best movies ever made (no, I don’t care what the American Film Institute says).

I must say that the contributors to the #PrincessSci hashtag really brought their “A Game” to the effort, with a stand-out performance by Johnna Roose:
Screenshot 2014-10-06 12.32.12

Screenshot 2014-10-06 12.23.49

You can read all the contributions Storified here:Screenshot 2014-10-06 12.31.48

Author: Josh Witten


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