Rosetta Rendezvous, commemorated in LEGOs

by Stefan Schindler (All Rights Reserved; Used with Permission)
“Rosetta – arrival at the comet” by Stefan Schindler (All Rights Reserved; Used with Permission)

After a ten-year odyssey, the ESA Rosetta spacecraft rendezvoused with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in early August. In honor of this momentous series of events, we wanted to share this delightful LEGO model* from Stefan Schindler (Stefan has been featured here before).

On 15 September, the ESA will announce the landing site for the lander Philae (livestream will be here starting at 4:30AM ET). The attempted landing is scheduled for 11 November. The rendezvous itself has been a spectacular achievement. The landing, if successful, will up the bar even further, but is somewhat risky. There are numerous features to be considered for the landing site and all of the potential options carry some risk, as astronomer Pamela Gay lays out in tweets from the European Planetary Society Congress.

Screenshot 2014-09-08 09.55.08 Screenshot 2014-09-08 09.55.14

*As Stefan notes, the spacecraft in his picture is facing the wrong direction relative to the comet in his photograph to better illustrate details of the Rosetta spacecraft and the Philae lander.

HT: The Brothers Brick

Author: Josh Witten

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