The Art of Science: Robert Cannon’s People of Earth

Sculpture by Robert Cannon
Sculpture by Robert Cannon

Robert Cannon refers to his sculpture technique as terraforming, a word used by scientists to describe the process of creating habitable, “earth-like” environments in places like the moon or other planets.  Cannon’s terraforms are much more, shall we say, down-to-earth. He builds them, often in the shapes of people, out of hollow shells of ferro-cement, adding pockets of earth and plants in the places where the pieces connect.  They look a bit like androids whose spaceship landed in the Garden of Eden.

Cannon says that his sculptures grow and change with the seasons, and reflect the natural and social qualities of their environments.  “They would over-grow themselves if left to return to nature, or wither and die if locked away in some storage room, or remain balanced if cared for in a healthy environment.”

You can see (and buy) more of his work here.



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