Travel round-up: Mysterious nature

I’ve added two new posts from other blogs to the travel map:

What makes a river sing the blues?
by Steve Caplan on Occam’s Corner
Steve visited Rio Celeste in Costa Rica. This bright blue river has confused scientists for years. The blue colour is only visible at the point where two rivers converge, and a study published last year offers an explanation for this interesting phenomenon. See Steve’s post for details.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery devil I meet becomes a friend of mine
by Matthew Francis on Galileo’s Pendulum
Matthew had a chance to see the Devil’s Tower volcanic formation in Wyoming. The structure was formed underground, but the surrounding soil has eroded over time. Matthew muses: “So, the Devils Tower we see today was born deep underground. To me, it’s a beautiful example of something that looks inexplicable, yet we can understand through science — yet the marvel of seeing it is undiminished by comprehension. Far from losing a sense of wonder, scientific knowledge leads us to greater wonder.”

Finally, this third link was a bit too complicated to add to the map: a Buzzfeed round-up of 22 destinations that “science nerds” need to see before they die. How many have you visited yet? We’ve only covered three of them on the Finch and Pea so far!


Devil’s Tower photo by Matthew Francis.

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