The Art of Science: Blogger’s Block

Evan Robarts, Molecule 2A, 2010
Evan Robarts, Molecule 2A, 2010

Dear Readers of the Finch & Pea,

I want to thank you for tuning in on Wednesdays for a little dose of art and science. I really appreciate it. But I also want to ask you, have you blogged? Have you blogged weekly? Because if so, you’re probably familiar with the feeling that I’m feeling right now. I got nothing. I’ve been searching the recesses of the internet for, well, maybe not hours, but a good long time, and all I came up with was this molecule made out of discarded playground balls. Like it? I think it’s kind of cool. I could try to spin some deep meaning out of it, like that it’s a molecule made of things that are themselves made of molecules. But really, dear readers, I respect you too much for that. I’ll try to find something great next week.

Sincerely, Michele


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