Support Your Local Artist

Portrait of a Human by Michele Banks (All Rights Reserved – Used with Permission)

Michele is a bit bashful about using this as a forum to promote her own work. I, for better and worse, run this joint. So, I feel no compunction about using this platform as I see fit. I also happen to believe that figuring out how to support our artists in this online era is a critical challenge for science communication.

We all should support our local artists, bearing in mind that the Internet has rewritten the definition of “local”. Around here, Michele is our local artist and we think she deserves your support.

Inside the Cell: Ink Painting on Yupo by Michele Banks (All Rights Reserved – Used with Permission)

Michele works in a wide-variety of media and is constantly exploring new techniques and materials.

She creates both science-inspired art (which my kids love) and more broadly inspired art (which my kids love even more). Below is a brief sampling of some of her most recent work which is available at her Etsy site.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are in the Washington, DC area, you can visit Michele in person at these art festivals:

5 October: Art on the Avenue in Alexandria, VA

6 October: MPA ArtFest in McLean, VA

19-20 October: Art @ the Park in Annapolis, MD

5-8 December: Downtown Holiday Market in Washington, DC

Author: Josh Witten

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