Dewey Decimal Easter Egg?

“Super Why!” Logo (Fair Use)

My kids force me to watch a number of shows I would never have watched on my own that I actually find quite enjoyable, like My Little Pony and Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated. Others, like, Super Why!, well, not so much. It is fine. I just happen to not be an illiterate four year-old, putting me outside their target demographic.

In my exposure to this show, I have noticed two clever things. The first is that they reuse a lot of animations. There are many shots that are in every, rigorously formulaic show. In addition, there are a number of character movements that are reused in front of story specific backgrounds. As a result, probably less than 20% of each show consists of completely new animations, which would significantly reduce production costs (a good things as it airs on PBS Kids). It probably also makes Hanna-Barbara very proud.

From opening of "Super Why!" (Fair Use)
From opening of “Super Why!” (Fair Use)

The other is in the opening. The entrance to Storybook Village can be found behind some books in a school library. It is located in the non-fiction section at Dewey Decimal location 398. This corresponds to “Folklore”. Like, I said, clever. It appears to be right at 398.2 (though there are slight differences between the show intro and the opening scene of the show at times). This is in the vicinity of “Legends, Tales, and Traditions”, which includes “Fairy Tales”.

Author: Josh Witten

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