Daniel Dennett: I talk therefore I am

What makes us human? In the New Statesman, philosopher Daniel Dennett argues it’s language:

I think it is quite obvious that language is what sets us apart from all other animals. But what is less often recognised is how language enables all the other distinctly human phenomena, transforming inherited “animal” dispositions, instincts, desires and tastes into forms that bear scant resemblance to their ancestral forms…

So utterly does language transform our minds that it is almost impossible to launder its influence from our imagination when we think of the “minds” of other species.

Language utterly and irrevocably changes our relationship with the world.


One response to “Daniel Dennett: I talk therefore I am

  1. Extreme transhumanism is just the last step in a long process of storing all the information about being human, other than the information to make new humans (and we are working on that), outside our own bodies. Language is the tool that makes it happy.

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