Meet the Sunda Flying Lemur

Photo Credit: Norman Lim, National University of Singapore

Photo Credit: Norman Lim, National University of Singapore

The Sunda Flying Lemur (Galeopterus variegatus) is not a lemur AT ALL (but still a primate). It looks like part eyes-too-far-apart squirrel and part kite. This crazy thing glides like nobody’s business from tree to tree all night long eating up fruits, leaves and flowers. The skin flap that allows the animal to glide is called a patagium and when the limbs are stretched to pull it taut this creates a parachute-style extension.

This Southeast Asian superstar, animal-kite hybrid is able to glide across the span of 100 meters while its own body length is just under 40 cm (not counting the tail)! 100 meters……just repeat it to yourself again….yeah that’s incredible.

Only a video can really do this incredible animal any justice. Thanks to ARKive there is a lovely video below:

ARKive video - Malayan colugo overview

If you would like to learn more, (let’s be honest after that video you know you do) then check out the encyclopedia of life page here.

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