The Art of Science: Symbols of Universal (Wireless) Connection

Technological Mandala 05, 2012
Technological Mandala 05, 2012

The mandala is an important symbol in both Hindu and Buddhist religious traditions, both as art form and as spiritual practice. In extremely simple terms, a mandala is a geometrically–based representation of an interconnected universe or cosmos. They are usually painted or drawn, although some are made painstakingly of sand and then swept away after their completion, as a symbol of the impermanence of all things. Italian artist Leonardo Ulian makes mandalas out of a more contemporary material – electronic components, including resistors, capacitors and microchips. Beautiful, intricate and delicate, they hint at a new interpretation of the idea of interconnectedness – the wireless kind.  Although he’s using an ancient religious style, Ulian refers to his artworks as “ephemeral gizmos”, which, like sand or new technology, can be quickly swept away.

See more of Leonardo Ulian’s work at his website.

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