Canadian Museum of Nature

If I remember correctly, the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa was partly under construction when I visited in 2008, but I’m not sure which part I missed. I do recall the dinosaur exhibit, where I took this picture of an Archeopteryx.

Feathered dino

I think it was in this room, which was awesome:

floating skeletons

Another part of the museum I vividly remember is the section about the arctic region.

Polar bear display

This display was interactive: you could pop your own head through another hole in the ice, like a seal. I thought it was hilarious when I first saw it here, but this display actually exists in other museums and zoos as well.

Here’s an owl.


Hm. I actually have very little to say about my visit to this museum. It’s really nice, but I didn’t really see much there that I haven’t seen in other natural history museums.

However, I was there before or during a big renovation, so I probably didn’t see it all. A few years ago, the museum reopened, and also added a blue whale skeleton to the public exhibit, so it’s probably more exciting now.

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