Friday Find: Giroofasaurus Vexed


Giroofasaurus Vexed  is a cool new etsy shop filled with ceramic jewelry featuring scientific motifs. Always wanted a pink bacteriophage to wear around your neck? Voilà. If viruses aren’t your thing, you can choose from paramecia, DNA, test tubes and many others. For those we prefer their science a little less microscopic, there are insects, spiders, birds and even dinosaurs.

The creator of Giroofasaurus Vexed knows her scientific stuff – she’s a Toronto-based lab rat with years of experience at the bench. She won’t tell you her real name, but you can follow her on twitter, where she drops hints about the life she shares with 2 gray cats and a husband – all three of whom are more notable for their looks than their brains.


3 responses to “Friday Find: Giroofasaurus Vexed

  1. Thanks for the feature, Michele!

    I didn’t really notice that my real name doesn’t appear anywhere that’s obviously connected with my online identity. For the record, friends and customers alike can call me maggie! (but you have to include the exclamation point).

  2. How do I contact the artist ? I live in Toronto I saw the artist at the Gladstone Hotel on saturday morning.

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