The Art of Science: Plant Biology Blossoms in Metal


Insect eggs and chloroplasts are among the inspirations for the beautiful handcrafted jewelry of Janice Ho. She describes her work as making “miniature worlds, three-dimensional snapshots of natural elements, and portraits of plants and their littlest parts in silver, gold, enameled copper, and porcelain.” Ho lives and works in an artists’ colony in Hannibal, Missouri that incorporates an old jail (!) and a big garden where she observes plants and insects up close.

She also studies plant biology diagrams, one of which was the basis for this piece, Not an Actual Life Cycle. She explains, “I’ve always loved the layout associated with these illustrations and have translated that into the framework of this piece. The elements represented include details of a poppy seed pod, a plant cell, mason bee house, and paper wasp nest.”

She has made other pieces representing mitosis, photosynthesis, pollination, and the miracle of stink-bug birth, among many others.

You can find many more examples of her work on her website, along with a schedule of upcoming shows.

Author: michelebanks1

Artist and blogger

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