The Art of Science: Engineering Nature

The Orb of Tranquility, 2012
Photo by Pete Duvall

Michael Enn Sirvet is a sculptor, a nature lover and structural engineer. All of these come together in his work in wood, plastic and metal, which he says are “inspired by chaotic and yet uniform naturally occurring patterns, and the technology and industry which mimic them.”

This 2012 sculpture, The Orb of Tranquility, is made up of two aluminum dishes with multiple holes and an LED light source between them.  Its name and shape evoke the moon, stars and planets.  Its intricately patterned surface, however, may be more reminiscent of atoms, molecules, or dividing cells.

Although his work is based in nature, industrial materials and technology form an intrinsic part of Sirvet’s sculpture. “The most organic of my sculptures are industrial, and the most engineered of my pieces reflect primitive natural calm.”

You can see more of Michael Enn Sirvet’s work at his website.

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