The Well-Rounded Scientist

Grad students know sayings about the importance of being well-rounded only apply to tenured faculty with funding. We aren’t going to worry about how our hobbies make us better scientists, but about how being scientists makes us better at our hobbies. On St. Patrick’s Day (BYOB), Neuroscientist, opera soprano, and Point of Inquiry host Indre Viskontas will be hanging out with the staff of The Finch & Pea on Google+ to chat about how her scientific background informs her approach to singing. Josh will also, invariably, talk about rugby.

When: 17 March 2013 @ 9PM Eastern (6PM Pacific)
Where: Google+ Hangout

NB: Indre has also agreed that she will not hold it against us if we trick her into singing Irish drinking songs.

Author: Josh Witten

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