No place like home

Frasier’s Apartment Floorplan by Inaki Aliste Lizarralde (Copyright-Inaki Aliste Lizarralde; Used with Permission)

TV homes can be confusing. In reality, the rooms can be different sets. It can make it hard to figure out exactly how one space relates to another. Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde has come to our rescue with colorful and detailed floorplans from modern and classic (and modern classic TV shows). Some are going mad for the Big Bang Theory floorplan, but the Simpsons and Frasier are my jam. Just look at the detailed layout of the magical, sound proof kitchen!

Iñaki, if you are taking suggestions, The Cosby Show and Full House? Pretty please.

Author: Josh Witten

4 thoughts on “No place like home”

  1. .
    Thank you very much for this post.
    The house from “The Cosby Show” was very beautiful and coherent but I remember the house from “Full house” as an impossible house. A Good set, but not very coherent and… real.
    I want to make the next ones:
    In TV:
    – The houses from “Gossip Girl” (Surely the Humphrey’s loft and the house of Chuck Bass)
    – Hallywell Manor from “Charmed”
    – The suburban houses from “Roseanne” and “Married with children”
    – The bachelor pads of Don Drapper from “Mad Men” and Barney Stinson from “HIMYM”
    – The house of Tony Soprano from “The Sopranos”
    – The vintage house from “Bewitched”
    – The house from “The nanny”
    – The bar from “Cheers”
    In Movies:
    – The apartment of “The apartment” (Billy Wilder 1960)
    – The house from “Psycho” (Alfred Hitchcock 1960)
    – The house from “The party” (Blake Edwards 1968) One of my favourites !
    – Both apartments from “Down with love” (Peyton Reed 2003)
    – The house from “Home alone” (Chirs Columbus 1990)

    1. Two words: Fawlty Towers

      Though doing Downton Abbey is probably where the money is at.

      Not having a head for interior design, I never had any idea whether the architecture was even remotely possible.

  2. This is awesome!

    When I lived in student housing in Amsterdam, our unit (floor) was used to film an episode of a Dutch sitcom. They filmed in our hallway, knocked on a door, and then entered one of the dorm rooms, except…the room they entered was built in the studio (and was enormous!). To make it look real, they also built a replica of part of our hallway on set, and borrowed the stuff we had on the wall there. We got to visit the taping of the studio scenes, and it was SO weird to see our own hallway in the studio!

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