The Art of Science: Caleb Charland Experiments with Photography


Caleb Charland’s photos explore many aspects of physics and chemistry to stunning effect – all without the use of photoshop. He uses a number of elaborate but essentially old-school techniques, including scanning and multiple exposures, to create his amazing images. One of my favorites is this relatively simple photo, Helix with Matchsticks, a DNA-style double helix engulfed in flame. Besides the obvious connection of the flames and life-force, could it allude to the fiery conflicts over evolution?

Charland, who is based in Maine, has recently been working on creating “photos” without a camera – using a burning candle to expose, and drip on, photographic paper. Before that, he used images to demonstrate unusual power sources, like using an orange to run a light bulb for 14 hours. He described his work in 2010 as being “like 5th grade science mixed with sculpture. It’s about being curious and playful. There is still a lot to wonder about.” (source)

You can see many more images at  Charland’s website.

Author: michelebanks1

Artist and blogger

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