Genome PR is OK

There was some criticism of this video out there, but I liked it. Given how little attention the average news reader/online browser is going to devote to genomics, I think this kind of thing is just right (except for the misleading throwaway line about junk DNA).

Sure, the video hypes ENCODE as biology’s latest, greatest, development, but nobody outside the scientific community is going to know the difference between ENCODE and all of the rest of us genome biologists anyway. So basically, the video us hyping all of us.

Author: Mike White

Genomes, Books, and Science Fiction

2 thoughts on “Genome PR is OK”

  1. My issues:
    It shifts the blame for over-hype onto the politicians, when we scientists actively participated. At least the politicians probably didn’t know better. We knew what we were doing for the most part.

    Not sure we ARE more complex than peas. Plants are pretty awesome.

    They were clearly going for something like Voltron with the ENCODE robot, but it came across more creepy X-Men Sentinel to me.

    Similar with the propaganda-y feel at the end & the ENCODE logo which feels like it should be the logo for the genetic watchdog from GATTACA, which may simply reflect that it was made in the UK.

  2. True, it wasn’t just politicians, but it’s always better to blame them for faults we don’t want to admit to. And maybe it’s not totally inappropriate that big science come across as a giant creepy robot.

    Maybe I misheard the ‘more complex than peas’ bit – I thought he was referring to more complex traits, not more complex organisms, but then again, that’s what I would hear given my environment.

    A GATTACA genetic watchdog would be awesome. I confess that, while the ENCODE logo can clearly be seen as an eye, the ending of the video reminded me a bit of the James Bond opening sequence gunbarrel – they just needed Ewan Birney to walk through the middle, turn, and take aim:

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