Sam Isaac’s Carbon Dating, Another science metaphor used for musical communication

One of the reasons I enjoy writing the Song of the Week so much is that I’ve always felt a lot of resonance between the underlying motivations of science and music. They are both about finding a way to make sense of the world around us. Science probes the physical world, music more often the social and emotional one. But I often come away from listening to a great song with the same feeling I get from reading a fascinating article or watching a terrific science video: the satisfaction and pleasure that the world is just a bit more understandable, graspable.  I’ve written before about how Duffy and the Doubters exhibit that with a life lesson that can also be valuable in science. Frightened Rabbit use the inverse connection to excellent effect, employing science to deepen their lyric communication, with their metaphor of a modern emotional leper.

Today’s song, from UK singer-songwriter Sam Isaac, plumbs a similar vein, choosing scientific and science fiction comparisons as a vehicle for musical communication to quite charming results.

*Thanks to F&P colleague Michele Banks for pointing this track out to me.

Author: mcshanahan

Science education researcher and writer

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