“Lectures on Chemical Reaction Networks”

A classic set of lectures by Martin Feinberg:

The occasion was a semester-long in-gathering of people interested in the behavior of complex chemical systems. At the end of that period there was a large meeting, the proceedings of which were published by Academic Press in a book, “Dynamics and Modeling of Reactive Systems,” edited by W. Stewart, W. H. Ray and C. Conley. My chapter amounted to a summary of some of the things I talk about during the course of the nine lectures.

It was an exciting time, which began when Charles Conley called me at the University of Rochester. He explained the MRC plans for 1979 and asked if I could spend a semester in Wisconsin. He said that they would pay my salary, provided that my salary wasn’t too high. I told him my salary. Conley asked if I could come for a year.

These seem useful, at least based on what I see in this paper: “A Linear Framework for Time-Scale Separation in Nonlinear Biochemical Systems,” Jeremy Gunawardena.

Author: Mike White

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2 thoughts on ““Lectures on Chemical Reaction Networks””

    1. Your comment reminds me that I’ve been intending to blog more about these lectures, because they are interesting, they are relevant in this era when people think Systems Biology is a hot new field, and because of school pride – I did my PhD at the University of Rochester Dept. of Biochemistry & Biophysics.

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