Bright Club – Scientists, make with the funny, NOW!

My understanding is that doing stand-up comedy is considered one of the most terrifying things a human being can possibly do, after all the things that are actually terrifying. Thanks to Bright Club Cambridge I got to be both terrified and very sweaty last Friday (ventilation por favor?).

You may laugh with me or at me; but only leave a comment if you pick option 1.

*Minor language warning for one or two naughty words.

Bright Club is an effort to bridge the gap between the public and scientists (or other academics) through comedy. You take a group of people and have them do something that makes them uncomfortable (e.g., stand-up comedy). You take another group of people and have them do something with which they are not entirely comfortable (e.g., listen to science and/or bad jokes). It seems to work. At least, everyone seemed to have a goodtime.

I would like to apologize to the St. Louis Hornets. They really are a bunch of great guys (Ng=Nh-1, where Ng is the number of great guys and Nh is the total number of Hornets at that time). My mother, however, was that confused. She has her own PhD and I’m equally confused when she tells me about her area of expertise.

And for that, it is necessary to thank the people that made it happen. MC for the night David Morgan worked the crowd into a froth (literal in one or two cases).  Comedy musictress, Rosalind Peters, may be the most ambitious rhymer I have ever seen. Michael Conterio recorded the video. Finally, there are the sine qua non of Bright Club Cambridge, the organizers, Andrew Holding and Gaetan Lee.

Author: Josh Witten

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