The Art of Science: The Cortical Garden


Pablo Garcia Lopez, “39 Brains Forming a Flower”, 2012

The work of Spanish artist Pablo Garcia Lopez, who holds a PhD in Neuroscience, explores the role of visual metaphors in scientific research. Inspired by the work of pioneering neuroscientist Santiago Ramon y Cajal (1852-1934), Garcia Lopez has been working for several years on a project called “The Cortical Garden.”

The collection of mixed media works was directly influenced by Cajal’s idea that “the cerebral cortex is similar to a garden filled with innumerable trees, the pyramidal cells, that can multiply their branches thanks to an intelligent cultivation, sending their roots deeper and producing more exquisite flowers and fruits every day.” (Cajal, 1894)

Garcia Lopez’s sculptures and prints explore the themes of sprouting, branching, budding and pollinating, in the brain as in a garden. The artist says that “Cajal’s romantic and naturalistic visual metaphors inspired his projects against the current mechanistic models that have dominated science during the latest centuries, helping to mechanize the body and the mind.”

Much more at the artist’s website.

Author: michelebanks1

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