The Phone Truck

What happens when a classic toy outlasts the culture it references?

I got to see that happen this morning. My youngest was dragging this classic toy across the floor by its string, like it’s creator intended. As she traipsed, she intoned, “Phone! Truck! Phone! Truck!”

Like most parents, we were confused. Now, we were even more confused.

I said to my daughter, “Pancake face[1], where is the phone?” She pointed with her Mommy, daddy is being an idiot again look. “Where is the truck?” She pointed again. You can see where she pointed in the picture below.

Of course, my daughter has never seen a rotary phone. The only place she might have seen a phone with a cord is in a hotel room. Handsets are phones. Cords are apparently used for tying them to strange trucks so they do not get lost in transit.

I think this says something about technology and where it is leading us as a society. And what it is saying is that future generations are doomed to societal degeneration. Right?


1. An accurate sobriquet. We had pancakes for breakfast. She is under 2. Pancakes were on her face.

Author: Josh Witten

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