Announcing the Finch and Pea book club

I know what you’re asking – is a book club appropriate at a pub? Certainly at this one, where we like books as much as we like beer. And hey, pubs have always been a place to have great conversations.

And so, on the second Tuesday of each month we’ll discuss a fantastic book that is at least tangentially related to science.

To get the ball rolling, here are the first picks:

On Tuesday, May 8th, we’ll discuss George Dyson’s Turing’s Cathedral (highly recommended over at Marginal Revolution), because the book is awesome and because this is the Turing centennial year. To whet your appetite for something on computation, life, and the universe, check out this week’s computational biology special over at Science.

On Tuesday, June 5th, we’ll discuss the science of economics and Sylvia Nasar’s new book on economic history, The Grand Pursuit. You know you loved A Beautiful Mind, and you’ll like this one too.

Do you have other suggestions? Leave them in the comments. And now go out, pick up Turing’s Cathedral, and start reading.

Author: Mike White

Genomes, Books, and Science Fiction

5 thoughts on “Announcing the Finch and Pea book club”

    1. I missed this years’ ScienceOnline, so I don’t know about the book raffle – which is too bad, because the words book raffle produce in me a Pavlovian response. But Josh was there, so I’m sure I can get details.

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