Happy Phi Day!

Also known as the Golden Ratio and purported to show up in, well, everything that anybody is willing to measure and then generously round the numbers in the correct direction, φ is equal to 1.618039887…

Finding a day for π is a piece of cake. 3.14 is March 14. Easy. Finding a day for φ, rounded off to 1.62, is a wee bit challenging. Last I checked, however, there had not been 62 days in January since Julius Caesar reformed the calendar. And, there is no month 16.

Fortunately, European dating provides a solution. Here, we do dates in a sensible hierarchical fashion reflecting the insensible social hierarchies inherited from before WWI. Instead of MONTH DAY, YEAR, it is DAY MONTH YEAR. In this notation, φ=1.62 renders as 16 February.

So, HAPPY PHI DAY! to you and yours.

Author: Josh Witten


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