Gasp, Republican politicians act like Republican politicians trying to get Republican votes

I’m not sure what else we expected from the Republican primary candidates.

Do they have anything to gain offending their social conservative base on the issues of climate change and stem cells?  Integrity? Come on, this is politics.

Would you really vote for Newt Gingrich if he took the scientific consensus position on climate change or stem cells? Because, I can guarantee you that Newt’s staff is sure there are Republican primary voters that would vote for one of his opponents instead, if he did.

Until we figure out how to let Republicans know that pro-science groups might actually vote for them in numbers that will replace the votes they fear losing, I’m going to have to go with a big “I told you so”:

Being a dedicated partisan, like our ordained friend above, eliminates your ability to influence a politician’s positions in exchange for your vote. While I know the guy[3] you voted for is not like this, it is reasonable to assume that the primary incentive for politicians is votes. If your vote is already committed, there is no reason to attempt to appeal to you.

Author: Josh Witten

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