David Brin: read these to have sci-fi bragging rights

I’m a sucker for lists of good sci-fi. David Brin puts out a big one, with categories:

But now let’s try something much more ambitious — a bigger, broader reading compilation. This is still just a sampler – for something comprehensive, see the Science Fiction Encyclopedia or the user-friendly Worlds Without End. But any person who has read all the books and stories and authors noted here (and I admit they are heavy on “classics”) can come away with bragging rights to say: “I know something about science fiction.”

For this list I divide the novels authors and stories in my own quirky manner , according to categories…

Of the books on the list, I’ve read ~25, and I have a roughly equal number of unread ones piling up on my bookshelf.

I have to object to his recommendation to read “anything at all by Poul Anderson.” Having read three, Vault of the Ages, Twilight World, and The Winter of the World, I’m not impressed.

Author: Mike White

Genomes, Books, and Science Fiction

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