Bruce the Shark

In the spirit of Whose Line is It Anyway?, these lyrics were composed on the fly in response to The Frogger requesting, “Daddy, sing a song about a shark.” Not knowing any songs about sharks, I found myself inspired by the opening scene of Jaws.


*Sung to the tune of “Lily the Pink” as arranged and performed by Dirty Dishes.

Here’s a story, a little bit gory,
A little bit happy, a little bit sad,
About Bru-uce the-e Shar-ark
And how he bit my leg in HALF!

And we’ll drink, we’ll drink, we’ll drink
To Bruce the Shark, the Shark, the Shark
The greatest hunter in the sea-ea-ea
He used his pointy tee-eeth
To bi-ite into me.

I went swimming, at ni-ight
Out upon the sea-ea-ea
When I fel-elt a little tu-ug
Then I was swimming in my BLOOD!


So I turned and swam for shore
But my kick wasn’t stro-o-ong
I looked ba-ack and reali-ized
That half my leg was GONE!


Still I swam for my life
Through the water I did pu-u-ull
And I ho-oped with all my mi-ight
That half a leg would make him FULL.


I collapsed upon the sand
Trading life for le-e-e-e-eg.
Bruce can have that bit o’ me,
Now I have this wooden peg.



Author: Josh Witten

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