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Titan (NASA’s Cassini Probe)

I think there are two ways to view this detailed, scientific map of Titan from Captain Marvel. The first is that we don’t need to send more missions to Titan, because we already know what is going on. The second is that we absolutely need to send more missions to Titan because what is going on there is so freaking cool.

Art by Jim Starlin in Captain Marvel #27 (1973)

I favor the second option, both in the comic book and the real world. I mean, come on, lakes of liquid methane. How cool is that?

HT: Pariah Burke

Last Stop “Castle Black”

In case you were wondering why the positioning of Moat Cailin was so strategically important in Westeros from George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire, Michael Tyznik has you covered with his transit map.

Westeros Transit Map by Michael Tyznik (All Rights Reserved – Used with Permission)

Tyznik was inspired by the creative transit map Tumblr of Cameron Booth, which is in turn inspired by transit maps from around the world (such as the iconic London Underground map).

And, if you happen to be a Columbus, OH native like me (Go Bucks!), you’ll also love this map.

*Chain of hat tips to Jennifer Ouellette from Nerdist‘s Alicia Lutes from Fast Company‘s John Brownlee.

The Art of Science: DIVE

As part of New York’s “Summer Streets” program, artist Jana Winderen has converted seven blocks of the Park Avenue tunnel into an undersea sound experience for pedestrians. The art installation is designed to provide a progressive experience of moving from the shore into deeper water as the viewer walks from the south end of the tunnel to the north.

*Hat tip to artnet news and Michele Banks.

The Art of Science: Drink in the Science

photo (3)The Finch & Pea has, from its inception, been a labor of love by Mike and myself. The labor of that love has been spread to several other individuals over the past few years.

In some ways, Mike & I are very good bosses. We don’t yell. We don’t ask for reports to be filed. We understand that life is more important than deadlines. We are also pretty crappy bosses, in the sense that no one makes any money directly and there are no benefits. We don’t claim to provide “exposure”. We claim to offer fun and creative freedom. We also offer really nice beer glasses*.

Earlier this year, I teamed up with Matthew Cummings, the glass artist behind The Pretentious Beer Glass Company, to create a custom The Finch & Pea beer glass for the staff. Together with his colleague Lisa Wulf they came up with this beautiful (but amateurishly photographed, by me) imperial glass. Continue reading

The Art of Science: Lie Back and Think of Extinction

Might Work?

Ooooooooh baby (art by Roger Peet)

Humans are a successful species. But the growth of the human population has placed tremendous strain on many other species, causing thousands of extinctions through hunting and habitat loss.

The Center for Biological Diversity came up with a novel idea to bring more attention to this problem. Since 2009, the CBD has been distributing hundreds of thousands of free condoms across the United States. Wrapped in colorful, wildlife-themed packages with artwork by Roger Peet, Endangered Species Condoms explicitly push the message that creating fewer new humans leads to fewer species extinctions.

The 2014 series features the Florida panther, dwarf seahorse, hellbender salamander, Western snowy plover, leatherback sea turtle and polar bear.

The condom packages are distributed by a network of volunteers at concerts, bars, Earth Day celebrations and other events. Each package contains — along with two condoms — original artwork and information on the species featured, and facts about human population growth. For more information, see the Endangered Species Condoms page.