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People’s Republic of Science

sftpNo one does the long form science interview like Science for the People does the long form science interview*. If you have time to listen to Science for the People, then you have time to complete the mere ten questions that make up the Science for the People Listener Survey (if you want, you can save time by skipping the credits where they say I am marginally useful).

Think of it as your civic obligation to keep great science programming coming at your earholes – like voting, except that here your opinion actually matters.

*Probabilistically speaking, this is quite likely to be literally true.


For the past year and a half, Lou Woodley and I have been running MySciCareer, a website with first person science career stories. It’s not just jobs in research and it’s not just jobs outside of research – it’s both. MSCQuote_JenniferGardy

If you just watch the images on the front page for a while (or look at the ones in this post), you’ll see a lot of very different jobs and people come by. Researchers, writers, teachers, politicians, startup founders. The only thing they have in common is that they have been trained as a scientist at some point in their lives.


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Things You Need for a Treasure Hunt

AdventureI have not made my fondness for The Curated Tee‘s children’s shirts. They are also some of my daughters’ favorite shirts. We love the variety of art on these shirts from incredibly creative artists.

We were all very happy when Mandy & Vanessa extended the shirt sizes to 6T, but now I’m jealous they don’t do adult sizes.

I know that I should be a good nered and stick with the anatomical heart shirt as my personal favorite, but the new Treasure Hunt shirt featuring art from Ruby & Wolf is irresistable.

Right now, you can get 20% off a 3-month subscription at The Curated Tee by using the code TREASUREHUNT.

And on your right is the planet Pluto…

According to NASA, the New Horizons spacecraft made its closest approach (about 7800 miles) to Pluto right now (7:49AM ET, 14 July 2015) after traveling three billion miles. If you want a travel post, that certainly fits the bill.

It is so ordered.