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TIE Fighter FTW

Would I like themes from the classic video game space simulator TIE Fighter mashed up with anime visual aesthetics that make me nostalgic for the Voltron cartoon of my youth and electric guitar? You might as well ask my four-year-old if she wants a popsicle. Without further ado, we give you the short Star Wars fan film TIE Fighter by Paul Johnson.

SOURCE: Eric Diaz at Nerdist


Can’t think of what to get your friends for their wedding? You could try naming a genus of beetles after them, like Shûhei Nomura and Richard Leschen did for our own Heidi and her partner, Joe (who has also guest posted here):

Etymology. This new genus is dedicated to the authors’ friends, Heidi and Joseph Parker, on theoccasion of their marriage and honoring Joe’s workon pselaphine inquilines. In early 2015, Joe and Heidi became parents of Jonah Wallace Parker (7 lbs. 10 oz.). – Source: Morgan Jackson

Source: Morgan Jackson

Book Punks

Mike was recently interviewed by Book Punks about his series of reviews of post-apocalyptic fiction through history (#apocalypsethen) and how this fiction speaks about our relationship with science.

I love the genre because the apocalypse is a fascinating thought experiment: what happens when all of the science and technology that we use to mediate our interactions with nature and with each other disappears? What happens to human nature when it confronts the raw forces of nature without the intervention of technology? – Mike White

Mike also does not give himself very good odds of survival in a post-apocalyptic scenario, which is a bit depressingly realistic (personally, I think Ben is the most likely of The Finch & Pea staff to survive – dude can make good food out of anything, even cooking over a campfire).

Pi Day 2015

Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

If we make the very traditionally assumption that the year is a circle (technically it is an ellipse) with a circumference of 365 days (366 on a leap year):



*14 March as Pi Day is superficial fluff that teaches us nothing about π. Tau Day is also silly, especially since τ unnecessarily complicates the calculation of the area of a circle.

Eskimo Kisses

Happy Valentine’s Day (one day in advance)!

"Free Eskimo Kisses" by Legohaulic (All Rights Reserved; Used With Permission)

“Free Eskimo Kisses” by Legohaulic (All Rights Reserved; Used With Permission)