What do Diamonds and Stamps have in common?

They are both “forever”.

The US Postal Service (USPS) announced that, starting in 2011, all new first-class stamps will be FOREVER stamps. I’ve been arguing for this long before the first FOREVER stamp, probably since about 2001, when I saw the use of such stamps in the UK firsthand. Usually, I claim that no one ever listens to me[1]. Not today. Continue reading “What do Diamonds and Stamps have in common?”

Time is Money

Price of my time per minute: £0.15

Reward for filling out Cambridge Cycle Challenge survey: Entry in drawing for £40 gift card to Marks & Spencer[1]

Time to fill out survey: 4 minutes

Number of challenge participants: 2422

Maximum number of survey respondents to make it not a waste of time: 67 (2.8%)


  1. Due to the amount of shopping we do at Marks & Spencer, this is functionally equivalent to £40 cash.
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