Pick Your Battles

There is an American rugby* song that includes the call and response:

Cantor: Is everybody happy?
All: You bet your ass we are!

One would think that this describes the whole world’s response to the successful rescue of 33 Chilean miners that had been trapped underground for over two months.

Some atheists, however, are grumpy that a politician (the president) in an overwhelmingly Christian nation (Chile) thanked God for the safe rescue of all the miners instead of enumerating the many individuals whose heroic, hard work made the rescue possible. True, this statement is theologically dubious and somewhat inconsiderate. . .

. . .but, I’m going to let you in on a little something I learned at the rugby parties after matches my team lost: Being grumpy when everyone else is partying does not make people want to talk to you.

*By which I mean bawdy, drinking songs sung by inebriated American college rugby clubs at festivities to celebrate the completion of poorly played matches.

Dear Pew Research Forum. . .

Dear Pew Research Forum,

Your US Religious Knowledge Survey has made a big splash in the news media – especially with the conclusion that atheists/agnostics know more about religion than theists and folks who just don’t care. Thank you for pushing many people I know to the level of completely unbearable from their previous position of mildly bearable when I’m drunk. Continue reading “Dear Pew Research Forum. . .”

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