Exploratorium opens in a new location

Tomorrow, the Exploratorium in San Francisco opens its doors in a new location at Pier 15.

Look how incredibly awesome the new building is going to be.

Because it isn’t yet open, no science tourists have been there yet, but it’s a good time to look back at both the old venue and some of the Exploratorium’s online ventures.

I visited the old location, at the Palace of the Fine Arts, in 2008, but I had virtually met the museum before that.

For a few years, the Exploratorium website listed a selection of interesting science websites. They put up a new list once every while, and yours truly once made the list! Easternblot.net was one of the “ten cool sites” on the Exploratorium website in June 2007! (That was when I updated it much more often…)

Proof from the WayBackMachine!
Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 23.06.10

So when I visited in 2008, I knew I would like the museum, because the museum liked me! And indeed, I saw some cool stuff there:

Lessons from the lab

Live scorpion, be careful!


The old museum space was in a large, round open space. It was a bit chaotic, but at the same time it was fun to have an overview of the entire museum at once. Here’s a blurry picture I took of my friends that sort of shows what the space looked like. It was a big hall FULL of things.


It’s difficult to make any kind of guesses what the new place will be like, but in the time that the museum was closed, the website was still amazing. Even though they no longer link to me, there are tons of other, much more interesting things on there. Probably especially because the physical museum was closed for a while, they put a ton of effort in the site

Let me just link to some parts of it, so that you can EXPLORE for yourself.

There is MUCH more, but that was enough to keep you entertained for a while.

Let me know if you visit the new location of the museum. I want to hear all about it!

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