Funny in 1986

This is the first panel of the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip published on 7 July 1986:

What do you think the odds are that this would have made it into the papers in 2011? And, if it did, can you imagine the letters to the editor?

Author: Josh Witten

2 thoughts on “Funny in 1986”

  1. The idea of a terrorist was much more amorphous and foreign in ’86. Today, this looks like the first panel of a political cartoon that probably ends with the title character asking for cookies.

  2. Reasonable point. It was after things like the Munich Olympics, Operation Entebbe, and IRA bombings. These attacks based on targets and perpetrators could also be classified as part of nationalistic conflicts. It was before Lockerbie and the more “nationless” terrorism that we think of today.

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