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This Poster’s Grammar Could be a BIG Problem

My workplace is very safety conscious, which is laudable as we regularly deal with a wide variety of unpleasant substances that scientific tradition teaches us to treat with a cavalier attitude. This sign appears to be warning me about the slips and trips[1]. Unfortunately, what one says and what one means are not always the same thing. Continue reading

When Supplements “Work”. . .Vialipro recall

Vialipro, an “all natural” supplement advertised to enhance sexual performance, is undergoing a voluntary recall, because some US FDA testing revealed that several batches contain undeclared sulfoaildenafil, an analog of sildenafil, a drug for the suspiciously similar condition of erectile dysfunction. Continue reading

Why is My Job Awesome?

Because it requires a Laser Safety Officer. I bet the Death Star had one of those.

Photo by Josh Witten

Magical Headline

by the US Food & Drug Administration

Continue reading