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Science Caturday: Physics 101

Professor Kitteh demonstrates the effect of a simple machine on an object.



Science Caturday: Relativikitty, Part 2


Yeah, I’m not even going to try to explain. You can haz wikipedia.

Science Caturday: Kitteh Science Week in Review


Our hoomin scicomm friends killed it on the interwebs this week, so all we needed to do was line up a few science kittehs to illustrate their great stories. First up, Bethany Brookshire (@scicurious) in ScienceNews explains the science behind gluten sensitivity, including the meaning of FODMAPS, which are, alas, some kind of carbohydrate and not maps to the fud.


Next, Matthew Francis (@DrMRFrancis) explains in Slate why quantum mechanics does NOT explain human consciousness. He can also explain why different kittehs spin in different directions, which may be more useful.


Finally, over at BoingBoing, Maggie Koerth-Baker (@maggiekb1) delivers a masterful explainer (with gifs!) on the science of faceplanting. If I have a tiny quibble with this piece, it’s that kittehs generally look upon faceplanting as more of an art.

All lolcats via Cheezburger.com




Science Caturday: Key Principles of Physics

Science kitteh illustrates two things at once: one of the basic laws of physics, and one of the guiding principles of Caturday.


Photo via Cheezburger.com

Science Caturday: Forces are Unbalanced!

Physics Kitteh demonstrates one aspect of Newton’s second law of motion. Oh dear, mass and acceleration both appear rather high.  The net force  with which Physics Kitteh hits that chair could be substantial.


Chemistry Cat says:  extra ‘nip for Physics Kitteh! Thanks for the lesson and see you next Caturday.

Image via Cheezburger.com