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Science Caturday: Laser Cats from Ceres


This week, the NASA spacecraft Dawn captured a stunning image of Ceres, a dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter.

Earlier pictures from Dawn had shown a bright spot on the surface, and as the spacecraft got closer, another was revealed. Experts are speculating on the cause of the mysterious lights, but we’re pretty sure that one of the kitties on Ceres accidentally left his high beams on.  Set to stun, Fluffy. We come in peace.

Science Caturday: How Cold Is It?

Much of the central and eastern US has experienced record low temperatures over the past week, around 40 degrees below seasonal norms. Just how cold is it? Let’s ask this cat.


Science Caturday: A Chemistry Cat Valentine


*OK, maybe more biology than chemistry, but cupid hates pedants.

Science Caturday: On the Foragin’ of Feces


The news traveled through the science twittersphere like a bad burrito – you can sell your poop for big bucks! Rachel Feltman’s article in the Washington Post got all sorts of people interested in selling their, ahem, solid waste to a company called OpenBiome, which collects, banks and distributes fecal matter to hospitals, which use it to perform fecal transplants on patients with hard-to-cure C. difficile infections.

Alas for most of those who wish to cash in rather than flush away, would-be sellers have to pass stringent tests and also live near the company’s headquarters. And at the moment, there’s no demand for cat poop, although many of us collect lots of it every day. Darn.

Science Caturday: Better Than Measles


Disneyland: the happiest place on earth?  Maybe not right now. Health officials have now confirmed 67 cases of measles linked to visits to California’s Disneyland and Disney Adventure Park. The Centers for Disease Control believe that the virus was carried by a visitor exposed to it overseas and that it then spread rapidly among unvaccinated children.

Measles is highly contagious, extremely unpleasant, and can lead to brain damage and even death. So please vaccinate your children –  and maybe skip that trip to Disneyland this winter in favor of some fun at home with the cat.