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Science Caturday: Yep

antigravity cat

Science Caturday: Hot Take on Climate Change


Both the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released reports this week naming 2014 as the world’s warmest year. According to the NOAA report, the average temperature was up 1.24 degrees Fahrenheit over the 20th century average across all land and ocean surfaces.

NASA’s Gavin Schmidt said that greenhouse gases are responsible for the long-term warming trends, and that even if the entire world stopped emitting greenhouse gases tomorrow, it still would take many years to stall the rising temperatures. But we better get on it soon! It looks as though some kittehs are already beginning to melt.

Science Caturday: Treasure in the Dirt


The biggest news in the science world this week was from a tiny microbe that grows in the dirt. A study published in Nature revealed that a newly-discovered antibiotic, Teixobactin, based on a soil bacterium, shows promise against TB and MRSA, which are increasingly resistant to all the drugs currently on the market.

There’s much more information about the team, the study and the possible uses of Teixobactin in this Washington Post story by Rachel Feltman. Our intrepid science kitteh was so inspired by this article that she went right out and started searching for the next marvelous microbe hidden in the soil.





Science Caturday: Teh Resolution Solution


Every January, they arrive like clockwork – articles telling us why it’s so very hard to stick with New Year’s resolutions. (Here’s a pretty good one on Quartz, if you’re interested in some of the psychology behind making and keeping them.) To make it easier, We’ll just supply a few resolutions for you: In addition to the two excellent ideas above, please resolve to click on The Finch & Pea more often in 2015. We, in turn, resolve to make it worth your while.

Happy Holidays!

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