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Science Caturday: All Dried Out


California has been experiencing drought conditions for over a year, and now geological monitoring stations  show that the drying ground is actually rising up. According to this article by Sarah Zielinski in Smithsonian Magazine, “Measurements of these subtle movements, made using GPS instruments, suggest that the western United States is missing some 62 trillion gallons of water, enough to cover the entire region six inches deep.” Alarming news for farmers and thirsty kitties alike.


Science Caturday on Tumblr

Science Caturday (2)Rejoice cat-lovers. We are moving the archive of Science Caturday posts to Tumblr. We haven’t added all the posts yet (turns out we have a lot of cat posts), but Chemistry Cat and the fan favorite “Is alcohol the solution?” post is already there.


Science Caturday: Slightly Suspicious

Psychologists from all over the world are gathered this week for the annual meeting of The American Psychological Association (APA2014), so they can haz this cat cartoon, by Sam Gross for The New Yorker.


You can buy a print of it here.

Science Caturday: Relativikitty, Part 2


Yeah, I’m not even going to try to explain. You can haz wikipedia.

Science Caturday: Intro to General Relativity

Ohai. Professor Kitteh here to explain the topic of general relativity, in particular the concept of space-time curvature.



Wow, that is a remarkably succinct explanation. Thanks, Prof. Kitteh! We’ll ace that physics test now.