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Angular Momentum I #finchstagram

Photo by Josh Witten (CC BY-NC-SA) via Instagram

Not My Skill Set

There was a time when, to be a biologist, you either had to be able to draw well (or be able to may someone to do your drawing for you). Toilets also did not flush. It was a rough time. You can revisit some of that magic at The British Library’s Flickr page where there are literally oodles of images from old books provided free from copyright restrictions, because the books are old.


I don’t know what this critter is*, but I am glad that I am a lot bigger than it is. I think I’m bigger than it…

*It literally comes from a tome entitled The British Miscellany: or, coloured figures of new, rare, or little known animal subjects, etc. vol. I., vol. II

Going iViking

The Norse Attack Map provides a real time depiction of worldwide internet attacks from a network of “honeypots”. Informative, maybe. Hypnotic, definitely.Screenshot 2016-02-03 21.44.56

HT: Rob Beschizza at BoingBoing

The natural predators of Mus creampuffus are, well, everyone, which explains the wide-eyed look of anxiety #finchstagram

Photo by Josh Witten (CC BY-NC-SA) via Instagram

The #milleniumfalcon swoops into action (photo by @cassiewitten) #finchstagram

Photo by Josh Witten (CC BY-NC-SA) via Instagram