TIE Fighter FTW

Would I like themes from the classic video game space simulator TIE Fighter mashed up with anime visual aesthetics that make me nostalgic for the Voltron cartoon of my youth and electric guitar? You might as well ask my four-year-old if she wants a popsicle. Without further ado, we give you the short Star Wars fan film TIE Fighter by Paul Johnson.

SOURCE: Eric Diaz at Nerdist

Mammoths are Money

David Orr (All Rights Reserved; Used with Permission)

David Orr (All Rights Reserved; Used with Permission)

Friends of The Finch & Pea David Orr and Jennie Orr would like your help publishing an illustrated ABCs book for children, Mammoth is Mopey*.

David Orr (All Rights Reserved; Used with Permission)

David Orr (All Rights Reserved; Used with Permission)

Mammoth is Mopey brings together a love of language with a love of prehistoric critters. The restrictions imposed by the classic “alphabet book” also provide a rich opportunity for the artist/author to take us on a creative journey. In our house, we collect artistic ABC books, not only as aids to draw our children into developing their language and reading skills, but also for their pure aesthetic beauty.

David Orr (All Rights Reserved; Used with Permission)

David Orr (All Rights Reserved; Used with Permission)

Now, the only thing that stands between my kids and Mammoth is Mopey is you. Fortunately, for you, this isn’t one of those “you are in my way and I’m going to go through you” scenarios. This is a, “you need to remember your PayPal password and make an IndieGoGo pledge” scenario. So, get on it, before this does become a “you are in my way” scenario**.

*Do you see what I did there with the post title? Do ya? Do ya? LOOK AT IT! LOOK! AT! IT!

**More accurately, a “you are in the way of my kids’ artistic and linguistic development” scenario, which is a much worse scenario.

Science, Gaudí, Barcelona

In the basement of the Sagrada Família is a model of a church that Gaudí designed – upside down! The model of the unfinished church at Colonia Güell is made out of strings and little weights. The weights pull the string into the shape of the final building.

Model of Church at Colonia Guell

Gaudí designed the Sagrada Família by similar gravitational principles, although he didn’t build the entire cathedral upside down out of string. The exhibit in the basement shows a bit more of the math and science behind that construction. Continue reading

Science Caturday: Quantum Kitteh Spin

I’m just going to have to trust that the quantum physics here is correct.




Can’t think of what to get your friends for their wedding? You could try naming a genus of beetles after them, like Shûhei Nomura and Richard Leschen did for our own Heidi and her partner, Joe (who has also guest posted here):

Etymology. This new genus is dedicated to the authors’ friends, Heidi and Joseph Parker, on theoccasion of their marriage and honoring Joe’s workon pselaphine inquilines. In early 2015, Joe and Heidi became parents of Jonah Wallace Parker (7 lbs. 10 oz.). – Source: Morgan Jackson

Source: Morgan Jackson